Skin DNA Testing

Why should you take a SKIN DNA test?

If your overwhelmed with contradicting advise about what's best for your skin's health and future, if you need motivation to maintain the long term health and quality of your skin, or just find it easier and more realistic to focus on areas where your skin is genetically weaker, then the Skin DNA Test is for you!!

How it works

A swab from the inside of your cheek is taken and sent to a specialized laboratory in Sydney. Three to four weeks later we receive a personalized report examining the five key areas that are contributing to your skin’s ageing.

This information is then used to scientifically create a personalized guide, prescribing you with a unique regimen ensuring you’re using the correct skincare ingredients targeted for your own genetic blueprint. We will book you a 30min appointment to review your report and advise the best ingredients for you to look for in skincare.  

SkinDNA™ is a revolutionary DNA laboratory test that examines 16 genetic markers (SNPs) in 5 categories associated with skin aging.

  1. Firmness + Elasticity

  2. Wrinkling (A.G.E)

  3. Sun Damage + Pigmentation

  4. Free Radical Damage

  5. Sensitivity + Inflammation

Your DNA results are used to scientifically create a personalised guide providing you with a unique regime tailored specifically to you. 

This allows you to advance beyond the 'one-size-fits-all' suggestions using the right skincare ingredients targeted to your own genetic blueprint.

SkinDNA™ allows professionals to advance beyond the confusion of thousands of skincare options and ensures customers never waste a single cent on products or treatments that don't work for them again.

Let SkinDNA™ take the guesswork out of skin care, instead using science to identify the most suitable skincare ingredients, oral supplements and treatment modalities based on your DNA.

Rachel Hunter tries Skin DNA testing

Watch Rachel Hunter's experience with Skin DNA testing in the below video, then contact us to arrange yours.