Does it make hairs grow back thicker and darker?

Dermaplaning is gaining in popularity because it removes vellus hair “peach fuzz” from the face. This allows for make-up to have a flawless finish. When the “peach fuzz” is removed, excess oils and dirt are also removed from the skin.

Dermaplaning does not affect the actual hair follicle. Every individual hair follicle has its own individual DNA, which we are born with. This will determine whether it is vellus (light, thin) or terminal (thicker, darker). Terminal hairs are predetermined, they tend to appear due to hormone changes i.e.: pregnancy, menopause and hormonal abnormalities.

So therefore, Dermaplaning does not affect how your hair would regrow.

Does it hurt?

No, Dermaplaning does not hurt; it can even be quite relaxing. Clients tend to be very relieved once they witness the excess skin / dirt that has been removed from the face.

Is there downtime?

There is no downtime, occasionally the client will appear a little red post Dermaplane for up to an hour.

Can anybody have a Dermaplane?

A full assessment will be made to assess your suitability for Dermaplane treatment.