Spray Tans

Tan Tips

Prepare 24-48 hours before tan! If you shave or wax, try to do so 24-48 hours before your spray tan.
Shaving or waxing will streak your fresh tan and result in a patchy looking tan.
Achieving the perfect tan starts with exfoliation!
Dead cells sit on the surface of your skin making it dull, rough and dry. Apply a generous amount of body exfoliating polish with a mitt and massage gently in circular motion then rinse thoroughly. We highly recommend and stock Naked Tan Goddess Body Exfoliator.

Ensure your skin is completely clean prior to your tan. Avoid using any oil based lotions, perfumes, rich body creams, deodorant and makeup as these interfere with your tan and prevent it from absorbing into your skin.

On The Day Of Your Tan

It's best to wear or bring, loose dark cloths after your spray tan!
Avoid wearing clothes that rub on the skin, so no jeans or tight pants and bra (less is best).
If it's raining on the day of your tan bring an umbrella or wear a long sleeve top and long pants. Rain droplets straight on your skin after a tan will result in a patchy tan.

Maintaining Your Tan

Your skin requires adequate hydration to look its best and increase the longevity of your tan. We recommend Naked Tan Goddess Creme de la Creme moisturizer everyday. 

After your tan It's best to avoid swimming in a pool. Water from chlorinated pools will break down your tan and cause a patchy result. So avoid pools if you want your tan to last. Try to avoid working out straight after having your spray tan. To much sweat on the skin can result in an uneven tan once rinsed off.