Kiki Health products Absolute Beauty Workshop

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Because some products contain medical-grade ingredients, a consultation is recommended for new users before using these products. I'm an experienced skin therapist. For existing users, seasonal changes and other factors can affect your skin, so if you want to know that a certain product is still the best one for you, just check in with me here. It's very important to me that your skincare regime is tailored uniquely to your skin's changing needs. 

Please note: product images are not always the most recent and therefore reading the product description is vital.


Kiki Health is dedicated to sharing the life-changing benefits of raw ingredients, vitamins and minerals from pure superfoods. It’s vital to support our bodies, especially in an age where we are time-poor, over-worked and under-rested, and where natural foods aren’t always as nutrient-rich as they once were. Kiki Health aspires to promote optimum health and wellbeing with high-quality plant-based nutrients including superfood powders, digestive health, essential fatty acids, probiotics, marine collagen, protein and more.