TiZO3 ~ The World's Most Elegant Tinted Sunscreen

The moment you feel the beautiful protection and touch of TiZO sheer elegance you will know that you have one of the finest new generation sunscreens available. Formulated with the latest technology and highest quality ingredients TIZO3 provices superior mineral only protection and also doubles as a make-up base all in one. Gentle enough for all skin types including the most sensitive, TiZO3 is ideal for post treatment care for IPL, laser, dermal needling and post surgery procedures or as your daily favourite sunscreen with 80 minutes of water resistant protection, 11.8% actives and SPF40 rating.

TiZO Beautiful Protection formulations are photo-stable meaning they do not degrade in sunlight on the skin, or in the bottle, whilst providing UV A & B protection.

Protect your skin against skin cancer, fine lines and photo-ageing with the very best sunscreens using TiZO Beautiful Protection.

Designed and developed by US Plastic Surgeon Dr. Harry Fallick