Skin DNA Testing Absolute Beauty Workshop

s k i n  D n  t e s t i n g 

Everyone knows that genes affect the colour of our hair and eyes, but not everyone realises that the skin is genetically predisposed to be a certain way too! 

A swab from the inside of your cheek is sent to a specialist laboratory in Sydney.

This information is then used to scientifically create a highly personalised guide based on your unique DNA. The resulting customised report examines the five key areas that are contributing to your skin’s ageing and prescribes a unique regimen for you. With this targeted information, you and your skincare professional will always know the perfect skincare ingredients for you.  The analysis process is comprehensive and takes 3-4 weeks. On your report’s arrival, we will book you a 30-minute appointment to review the findings with you and advise the best skincare ingredients and treatments for your skin.