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Keen To Get Rid of Unwanted Hair?

Hair growth must be at least half a centimetre in length. Ideally, a centimetre is best. If you shave, you must leave the hair growth for 3 weeks before your waxing appointment. If you wax, then you will need to leave hair growth 4 weeks between waxing appointments. On the day of your appointment, do not apply moisturiser on the areas to be waxed. 

At Your Appointment

If it is your first time with us, your therapist will do a quick consultation with you to ensure the best results. Make sure you tell your therapist:

  • the types of skincare you are using, such as retinal, vitamin A, skin lighteners, acids (glycolic, lactic, salicylic), etc.

  • if you've ever had any problems with waxing in the past

  • about any allergies

  • your chosen technique for waxing  - we're here to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Let us know what you would prefer. 

To read answers to FAQs about waxing, click here.



Brow - $22  

Upper lip or chin - $20  

Brow & upper lip - $38

Upper lip & chin - $38

Face - lower half includes sides, lip & chin - $49


Standard bikini - $42

Brazilian maintenance  - 6 weeks - $68

Brazilian - first time or over since weeks since last one - $78


Electrolysis is the only existing FDA-approved method of 100% permanent hair removal.

Obviously, a safe, hygienic, and simple treatment for permanent hair removal is music to our ears!

Additionally, electrolysis is a wonderful compliment to laser hair reduction. Laser is ineffective for hair that is smaller in diameter and lighter in colour, but electrolysis treats these hairs, too.

We are one of the very few specialist clinics in New Zealand that use the state-of-the-art Computerised Electrolysis Silhouette Tone Blend ST250 machine. 

Computerised electrolysis is fast and highly effective. It is virtually pain-free and very gentle on the skin. Single-use disposable needles are used to remove unwanted hair.

Electrolysis can be performed on most parts of the body, including the nipple, stomach, face, underarm, and bikini line. The only hairs of the body that can't be treated are on areas such as the inside of the nose, ears, eyelids, and genital region. Electrolysis can also remove the hairs left behind from laser. 


Consultation and patch test: 

30 minutes - $58

Electrolysis sessions

15 mins - $38

20 mins - $48

30 mins - $74

To maximise the success of your electrolysis, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The more water you drink on the days leading up to the session, and on the day itself, the more effective your treatment will be.

Hydrated follicles conduct the current and heat much more effectively than dry follicles do. This makes for quicker and easier probing.



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