C o n s u l t a t i o N s 


Not all products and treatments are safe for everyone. You are in very safe hands.

I am a longstanding member of the NZ  Association of New Zealand Beauty Professionals Inc.

 I am committed to ongoing training and on keeping abreast of developments internationally in my field.

It's really important to understand what's ok for your skin, and what's not, so I insist on having safety checks in place. That means if you're buying a medical-grade product, you can check in with me to ensure its ingredients are safe for you. 

It means I'm always here as your senior skin therapist for you to talk to if you're not sure, so you can benefit from my qualifications and 20+ years of experience. 

It means I insist on an in-salon consultation with all new clients, so I can see you in person and understand your skin's unique history and needs before customising a skincare regime for you.

And it means you can always shop online at ABW, care-free.

I’m very aware of the time and financial restraints affecting people, and can cater to your needs.

xx Rach 

With every consultation  of 30 mins or more, we offer a voucher for 10% off everything in our online store. EVERYTHING.


5 mins  |  No Charge

If you've never had a lash or brow tint, you must have a patch test at least 24 hours beforehand to ensure you don't have a negative reaction. Patch tests maybe required for varies other treatments we offer. This only takes 5 mins. 


30 mins  |  $49

As your experienced skincare therapist, I will perform a thorough skin analysis and skin health check-up using a variety of techniques.  Maybe there's something going on with your skin you'd like me to look at. We’ll discuss your desires and concerns in depth and I'll take notes. Together we'll work out a home-care routine that works for you.

Samples may also be given. 

Bonus offer

If you buy two or more prescribed skincare products at the time of the consultation, there will be no charge for the session.


1 hour 30 mins  |  $189

As your experienced skincare therapist, I will perform a thorough skin analysis and skin health check-up using a variety of techniques. We’ll discuss your desires and concerns in depth and I'll take notes. You’ll be given a home-care prescription plan and advice. Samples may also be given. You'll also enjoy a heavenly facial customised uniquely for your skin.


15 mins  |  $20

When choosing new foundation, it's essential to get the correct colour and application. We invite you to the salon for a play with any of our foundations. We'll help you choose the best product for your skin and lifestyle, and you'll get to experience how  the product looks and feels before you buy. We endorse Bella Vi, Ocosmedics & Aspect as these mineral makeups optimise skin function, eliminate risk of congestion & sensitivity. Fee redeemable on any product purchased.  


30 mins  |  $49

Absolute Beauty Workshop is a GOLD Authorised Dermapen Treatment Provider.  Skin needling performed with the Dermapen4 devise treats a variety of skin conditions & concerns providing superior results. A thorough consultation is needed to establish your personalised plan & package. Consultation fee is fully redeemable on a singular Dermapen treatment. Dermapen treatment. 


Cryopen consultation 30 min

$49.00- includes a patch test.


Before your consultation, you may be asked to fill out a form so I have a good overview of your background. You may also be asked to provide photos of your skin in some cases, to help me see what it is you're wanting to address. I'll go through your needs with you and advise you accordingly. We'll look at your skin history, current skincare routine, and all the other factors that can affect your skin. I'll create a customised skincare programme for you and recommend the very best products and treatments for your skin's needs.