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Sorry, I am not able to ship OCosmedics products to Australia. 

o  c o s m e d i c s

Welcome to the Absolute Beauty Workshop range of  O Cosmedics. These products require you to consult with me before you buy them. 


If you are interested in an O Cosmedics product, please email me, or call or text me on 027 528 0722 so I can double-check the product is right for you. You will then receive instructions for purchasing, along with a password. This will enable you to purchase the O Cosmedics item from my online shop (Choose 'O Cosmedics Protected' from the dropdown menu).


Note - the password protected page will take a few seconds to load once you have entered your password, this is normal.


Thanks! Rachelle. 

The following O Cosmedics products can be carted without a password.
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