DP Dermaceuticals Anti-Aging Starter Kit

DP Dermaceuticals Anti-Aging Starter Kit aims to reduce and prevent visible and invisible signs of aging. From fine lines and deep wrinkles, Dp Dermaceuticals™ products in the Anti Ageing Starter Kit are there to help maintain and improve the results obtained via clinical micro-needling procedures.


This Starter Kit is suitable for all skin types.


Anti Ageing Starter Kit includes:

  • Tri Phase Cleanser (60ml)
  • Antioxidant Cocktail (15ml)
  • Vitamin Rich Repair (15ml)
  • Retinal Active (15ml)
  • Hyla Active 3D Mask (1 mask)
  • Cover Recover Samples 3ml in Sheer, Beige, and Tawny.


Directions for Use

Cleanse: Tri-Phase Cleanser
Serum Morning: Antioxidant Cocktail
Correction Morning & Night: Vitamin Rich Repair and Retinal Active
Boost (1-2 times per week): Hyla Active 3D Sculptured Mask, for extra hydration post procedures for 5 days.
SPF Cover: Cover Recover immediately after treatment and as an everyday breathable camouflage.

DP Dermaceuticals Anti-Aging Starter Kit