Kiki Organic Spirulina Powder - 200 tablets

KIKI Health Organic Spirulina Tablets contain over 65% plant- based protein for healthy muscle and bones and 1333% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B12. KIKI’s Spirulina is routinely tested for the presence of mercury, lead and other contaminants to ensure that it is as pure as possible. No binders are used to produce KIKI’s Spirulina Tablets, they contain only 100% pure spirulina powder which has been compressed into a tablet, completely free from fillers and additives.



100% Organic Spirulina (500mg per tablet), and grown on a peninsula surrounded by natural forests and away from urban area.No artificial colours, preservatives, sweeteners or fillers.


200 tablets

Kiki Organic Spirulina Powder - 200 tablets