Balancing care for adult skin with impurities


Skin care innovation: Velvety balm for the care of impure, oily skin that also needs anti-aging ingredients. The pores are refined and the complexion appears pure and clear, without shine. At the same time, your skin is supported with selected active ingredients in the event of moisture loss and declining regeneration. For more elasticity and firmness and fresh, clear skin in adulthood. Naturally without PEG derivatives, parabens, colorings and mineral oil.



Apply to face, neck and décolleté every morning and evening. The IMPURITY STOP ampoule can be used underneath as a cure for an even more intensive fight against impurities. The PERFECT FUTURE ampoule, for example, can be used to help reduce wrinkles.



  • Epidermist : moisturizing, pore-refining, anti-inflammatory

  • Normaseb ™ : sebum regulating

  • Microsilver : antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory

  • Resveratrol : “youth molecule” from wine for more freshness and skin activity

Purifying Vital Balm, 40ml