All-in-one cleanser, tonic and eye make-up remover


Innovative, very mild 3-in-1 cleaning product with micellar technology. Excellent for cleaning sensitive and irritated skin. The Sensiderm Cleansing Solution gently removes make-up and even eye make-up and acts as a facial tonic at the same time. Free from fragrances, preservatives, colorings, PEG-containing surfactants and alcohol.


🌿 Suitable for vegans



Put on a cotton pad every morning and evening and rub it over your face, eyes, neck and décolleté. No need to rinse.



  • Niacinamide : brightening, regenerating, moisture- retaining

  • Allantoin : cell-generating, smoothing

Sensiderm Cleansing Solution 3 in 1, 200ml