Rich day and night cream for irritated and dry skin


Rich, calming special care for sensitive, very dry skin. Nourishing grape seed and macadamia nut oil as well as aloe vera and vitamin E immediately reduce tension and itching. Redness and irritation subside. The skin feels soft and supple.
Used regularly, the skin's natural defenses are strengthened. The skin becomes more resilient and can deal better with stressful factors such as stress or temperature fluctuations.
Without parabens, mineral oil, fragrances and dyes, alcohol, lanolin and PEG derivatives.


🌿 Suitable for vegans



Apply to face and neck morning and evening.



  • Defensil® : anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, relieves itching. 
  • Panthenol : moisturizes, soothes 
  • Aloe Vera : moisturizes, soothes 
  • Rhamnose : anti-inflammatory, reduces redness

Sensiderm Stress Protect Cream, 50ml