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Great news! I now ship all my brands to Australia except for OCosmedics, Colway and Kiki Health. 

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I'm very proud of the high-quality products I stock at Absolute Beauty Workshop. I've personally tested every product I sell, and I don't stock anything I wouldn't be happy to use myself. This means I can endorse all my products to my clients with absolute confidence. What's more, all my products are from companies that are committed to operating 100% cruelty-free, meaning no animals have been harmed in their production. 

Not all products and treatments are safe for everyone. For example, certain medications can cause adverse reactions.

It's really important to understand what's ok for you - and what's not. That's why I insist on having safety checks in place, for your benefit. It means if you're buying a medical-grade product, you can check with me to ensure its ingredients are safe for you. It means I'm here for you to talk to if you're not sure. And it means you can always shop online at ABW, care-free!

Want to enquire about a product to check it's right/safe for you? Click here.

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