Balancing cream for oily, blemished and combination skin


Quickly absorbed cream with a mattifying effect. The active ingredient PoreAway supports sebum regulation. Shiny spots on the skin disappear. The skin's natural balance is restored. Sage and witch hazel have anti-inflammatory effects and allow skin imperfections to subside more quickly. The skin feels soft and light.Without parabens, mineral oil and PEG derivatives.

🌿 Suitable for vegans



Apply morning and evening after cleansing. Not comedogenic.



PoreAway: sebum regulating, refining, antibacterial

Salicylic acid: keratolytic, anti-inflammatory

Bioactive glass powder: antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory

Sage: astringent, anti-inflammatory

Panthenol: moisturizing, calming

Witch Hazel: astringent, anti-inflammatory

Allantoin: cell-generating, smoothing