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Damaged or problematic skin can hold you back. Great news - we can help. 

Dermapen4™ Microneedling gives exceptional results. 

Microneedling works by making superficial punctures on the skin with extremely fine needles to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in order to heal skin and make it plumper. An incredible new benefit of the Dermapen4™ GOLD standard in microneedling devices is that there is minimal downtime, so you are free to get on with life!

Dermapen4™ is an advanced skin needling treatment which delivers the ultimate in comfortable and effective treatment. This minimally invasive treatment works to lift, tighten, and rejuvenate skin. Utilising medical grade skin needling,  the results are likened to laser resurfacing and Fraxel treatments - but without the side effects and downtime.  

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3-4 sessions,

2-3 weeks apart

Acne may be caused by genetics, hormone changes, stress or environmental factors. Microneedling regenerates the affected area by stimulating the production and distribution of collagen and heals the skin to reduce breakouts.

Aging / Sun damage

4-6 sessions,

5-8 weeks apart

Microneedling with the Dermapen4™can reduce sagging skin, wrinkles and also fine lines such as frown lines and crow's feet. This results in fimer and plumper skin. Over time, the collagen and elastin in our skin decreases and microneedling can stimulate new collagen and elastin.


4-5 sessions.

6-8 weeks apart

Scarring is caused by the build-up of thick fibrosis tissue that replaces skin after trauma. The DermaPen4  breaks up scar tissue build up from injuries such as burns, trauma, surgeries, acne scarring, and more in order to encourage the growth of new, smoother skin. 

Stretch marks

4-6 sessions,

 6 -8 weeks apart

Stretch marks are tears in the connective tissue of skin due to stretching from factors such as weight gain or pregnancies.

Microneedling restores the natural contours of the surface of your skin by promoting the regeneration of stretch marks covered skin.


3-6 sessions,

2-4 weeks apart

Pigmentation includes age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone which can by caused by hormonal changes, medication or sun damage. Microneedling renews skin to make it firm and clear by promoting the formation of new collagen and kickstarting the healing process.

For other FAQs or post-treatment advice about Dermapen4™Microneedling, click here.

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Microneedling with Dermapen4™ is a skin treatment designed to counter-balance the ageing process of the skin. It can be applied on the face and all other parts of the body. The skin on the backs of our hands is prone to wrinkles as we age. Skin becomes loose and starts sagging. Microneedling with DP4 provides a solution for this problem, by tightening and smoothing the skin on the hands. This treatment also helps reduce sunspots.

Every skin is unique and I always customise bespoke treatment plans for our clients. Please book a DP4 consultation to discuss your individualised program and payment options.

I will reward you for committing to a treatment plan by offering very competitive package rates.


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